80/120/160cm Laser Plotter Cutter Machine-sign in china
80/120/160cm Laser Plotter Cutter Machine
  • 80/120/160cm Laser Plotter Cutter Machine
  • 80/120/160cm Laser Plotter Cutter Machine

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80/120/160cm Laser Plotter Cutter Machine

Код товара:SIT-LC-YZ

  • Цена : 188 092 руб./комплект (Срок поставки 75-90 дней)

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    Выберете нужную модель: 80cm 120cm 160cm

  • Мин. заказ : 1 комплект

  • Вес брутто : 120кг

  • Количество: комплект(s) Общая стоимость : 188,092 руб.
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80/120/160cm Laser Plotter Cutter Machine

Initiating automatic intelligent light-control systems,it has completely eliminated the traditional modes that we use ordinay laser plotters to manually adjust lasers.it thoroughly solves the disadvantages, for example,the straight lines and cunves are not evenly cutand the strong corner lasers result in poor effects and low efficiency, as well as artificial secondary processing of large-format incisions wastes working hours,etc. 
Apart from completely solving traditional rigid processes, meanwhile, it provides you with convenient, time saving,labor-saving, high-speed and high-precision brand-new experience. it can meet the requirements of various industries for sizes and functions. 
1.Adopt advanced ARM STM32 bit processor, high-reliable and anti-interference design and high-performance, low-powe
r consumption and ultra-silent DRV8818 driver chips with ultralow calorific values, and meet with the requirements of high-speed motions.
2.SA machines adopt high-precision and fully automatic recognition inductive heads, which genuinely achieves automatic tracing-edge,and strong automatic software scanning.When you import pictures, cutting outlines will be automatically generated,so that the type-setting time is saved.When they connect with computers, no driver installations are required. it is easy,.convenient,stable and speedy that you insert USB to automatically detect recognition ports.
3.Real serial communication interfaces of USB2.0 and RS232 overcome such defects as slow transmission speed and instablecommunications of serial ports and false SUB of traditional cutting plotters.
4.The firmware can be remotely upgraded through network.
5.Apply to operating systems of Windows7/Windows8/Windows10; support direct output of all operating software with print functons.
Model 800E 1200E 1600E
Width of materials 980mm 1390mm 1750mm
Width of cutting 800mm 1200mm 1600mm
Machine power 450W
Laser Power 50W
Engraving length unlimited
Engraving thickness Knife≤0.5    Laser≤0.8mm
Paper feed system Knurled Aluminum Shaft
Pressing device Double spring adjustable pressure rod set
Drive mode Micro-subdivision stepper drive
Engraving speed 10-800mm/s
Power Supply 220V 50Hz 30mA
Interface types Serial port, USB, U disk
Language format HPGL
Transmission rate 38.4K
Output software CDR, signmaster, etc.
Working environment 1℃±35℃  Relative Humidity: (10%-50%) No condensation
Application materials:
Double-deck materials: sticky notes, ordinary veflecting films, high-strength ireflecting films, car sticers,cothing transferstickersand silk banner foaming stickers, etc.
Single-deck materials: films,insulation papers,kraft papers;, white cards, ABS boards 0.5),PVC <0.8mm) two-tone boards (low speed)and other most nonmetal soft materials

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